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I am an Angel Teacher certified by the Diana Cooper School of White Light and also a certified Tibetan Singing Bowl practitioner from the Kathmandu Center of Healing in Nepal. A Reiki enthusiast who has completed a 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki from the International Centre of Reiki Training and who has the privilege of teachings from a Master who's lineage dates to William Rand.  Hailing from India, I found my true calling and life path in the joy of meditation and teaching to spread the light of the angels and reiki  to all human kind. In a tiny village tucked away in Cyprus, under the patronage of my Master teacher is where I began my journey towards angel teaching. 

A self proclaimed seeker, I do believe my spiritual journey has just begun. The courses and meditations in this website consist of a study into the angelic realm, sound healing, meditations and their connection to our consciousness and healing. The guided meditations are beautiful visualizations into the mystical.

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4:30 pm

In this space, you will find a doorway to connecting with angels. Through study and meditation you will be introduced to life altering states of healing and higher consciousness. The angels are divine high vibrational beings of unconditional love and light, here to help, heal and guide us each step of the way. Angels come when called upon and are waiting to assist all humankind.



Follow the meditation calendar for angelic guided visualisation meditations. The grounding and attunenments will balance your chakras as we work closely with scores of archangels to manifest your desires, unblock your energy centres, protect you against all that is not meant for your highest purpose, clear karmic baggage, open your ascension pathways, inculcate peace and calm in your daily life and cut negative chords that have bound you in this lifetime. Angel visualization meditations are a powerful tool to manifest spiritual, emotional and physical abundance, prosperity, healing, confidence, security and love into your life.


Study angels through the courses listed. Learn about angelic hierarchy, angelic signs, in-depth study of the 12 chakras of the 5th dimension, learn how to read angel cards, connect with guardian angels and work with the mighty archangels ( the powerful choir of angels). Learn how to heal through angelic energies and how to channel messages for yourself and others. 

"Working with angels is nothing short of a pathway to miracles, a lifestyle you will come to embrace with harmony , peace and love as you begin invoking these divine beings in your daily life. Step into the light and surrender!"

Healing with the help of Angels and their divine physicians is one of the most soothing, calming, nurturing and relaxing experiences. In an Angel healing session, the energy of the angels works through the therapist to transmit the perfect healing energy required for the person receiving it. The purity of angelic healing is quite rightly defined as a spiritual experience.  

Our bodies are amazing complex energy systems and the cells within us work by transmitting light between between each other. Sometimes, low lying and negative energies reduce and dim this light thus manifesting within us diseases, discord and low mental health. Healing with the angels floods these cells with pure angelic light which reinstates peace,harmony and love within us. Angelic healing helps at a cellular, physical and soul level.

Angels are pure messengers of the divine and of pure light. Their healing energies allow the healing light of the angels to offer a sense of calm within oneself. Blocked energy points or chakras in our body are soothed and flooded with light raising its vibration and allowing positive energies to flow through, thus helping us recover. It is important to open your heart and be in acceptance of the light of the angels.


Angelic Meditations

Study Angels

Angel Healing

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Sound healing has been known to man for centuries. Scientifically proven to help unblock cells, the vibrations help to heal and relax the physical body. Tibetan Singing Bowl healing is a powerful modality to balance chakras, induce relaxation, eliminate toxins, increase focus in your daily life and help with meditation. 

Angel Card Guidance

An Angle Card Guidance session lasts for 45 minutes. An Angel card pack of 72 cards is used to connect with the angels and guides. A short meditation to connect with your guardian angel marks the beginning of the session. As you draw cards, the messages on the cards assist to guide you with your current path and give you direction on the path ahead. The cards give you a sense of what could be the obstacles you are facing and an insight into your emotions. The Angel Card guidance session leaves you with a sense of awareness, calmness and peace as you leave trusting the path ahead. 

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I was truly blessed to do a one on one Basic Angel , Archangel and Advanced Angel course with Zakia. She held a beautiful space to connect with the Angels. The course was super fun and relaxing at the same time! Zakia is truly passionate about her work and always wants the best for her students. She is a beautiful soul 💕💕

Monisha Gurkar


Meditation by the Sea
Angel Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation
26th November, 2020
7PM- 8PM
Illuminations Abu Dhabi
Angels Basic Course
An Insight into Archangels 
Angel Advanced Course
Angel Visualization Meditation
Online on Zoom- 45 mins
AED 100
Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing
1 Hour Session- At Home
AED 150
Reiki Healing Private 
Angel Card Guidance
AED 100 - 45 Minute Session
Angels Basic Course
An Insight into Archangels 
Angel Advanced Course
Angel Visualization Meditation
Online on Zoom- 45 mins
AED 100
Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing
1 Hour Session- At Home
AED 150
Reiki Healing Private 

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