Let’s be realistic this year. Let’s believe in magic!

Abracadabra- In Hebrew, the literal translation is “I create as I speak”.Aren’t we lucky to have made it yet into another year. All the troubles and griefs that seemed so big, somehow seemed to go down with the last sunset of 2021. That’s the best part of a new year. We can start afresh. New resolutions, new visions and new intentions.

I would like to share, just a week ago I was chatting with a dear friend who went on to narrate to me her dream.

In her dream, her departed father visited her in her old home with wings on his back and ensured her that he was with her at all times.

Protecting her and asking her not to fret about anything. She has been going through a difficult time in her life and this visit in her dream now has her shed all her worries.

In turn, her tides are now changing and I’ve never seen her so happy. Isn’t that truly magical? I love when our angels and spirit guides visit us.

So this year, let’s just believe. Believe in the magic of our angels, the power of reiki, the healing of sound. Let’s walk into 2022 with our spirit army standing behind us. Lets set the intention to surrender completely to the realms, with absolute conviction that all that we desire will come to us this year. Lets believe that reiki will heal us, help us manifest, lets believe that when we invoke Archangel Michael to protect, he is standing by our side with his sword , his wings around us, lets believe in the magic of the realms.

If you are reading this, please know that you do not walk alone. Your guardian angel and your spirit guides are with you at all times, guiding and protecting you. Listen carefully to your inner voice and be guided towards the truth. Call and invoke the mighty Archangels to help you, weather its a new venture, a new job, health, wealth, relationships or spiritual wellbeing. They are here and waiting for you to call upon them. Believe that sometimes when you get what you want, its just magic. Don’t question, just believe. Lets invoke, speak and set our intentions for 2022. Lets create magic!

May 2022 be the year of fulfilment for you.