It does seem that meditation is the newest “in” thing to do. Scholars, celebrities, spiritual leaders are all dwelling on the benefits of meditation. However, even though there are loads of articles, videos and social media content online, it can be a daunting experience if you are a newcomer to the meditation arena. Am i doing it right? What really is meditation? What is the best time to meditate? Why am I falling asleep? ​

In the study course below, you will be introduced to the basics of meditation and various techniques which will allow you to make meditation a habitual experience and inculcate this beautiful modality into your daily life. You will be introduced to various types of meditation so that you may use what’s most fit for you. You will learn the difference between meditation and mindfulness, challenges in meditation and how to practice self compassion.

During the course you will practice meditations with a guided tutor allowing you to start your journey in meditation.

Along with the course below, you may also visit Illuminations Abu Dhabi for inhouse meditations.

You may also connect for personal online guided meditation sessions.


A course in Meditation-Syllabus- Class available in live online teaching

Requires 16 hours to complete

The Meditation Course will cover the following topics-

    • What is Meditation
    • Types of Meditation
    • The Wandering Mind
    • Difference between Reactive and Non-Reactive
    • Our Authentic-Self
    • Benefits of Meditation
    • Challenges in Meditation
    • What is Mindfulness
    • Meditation Vs Mindfulness
    • Overcoming Mindfulness Obstacles

  • Mind and Body
  • Religion and Meditation
  • Meditation and Emotions
  • The power of Visualization Meditations
  • How to quieten our Monkey mind
  • Practice guided meditations-
  • Breathing, Body Scan, Love and Kindness Meditation, Gratitude, Mantra , Intention Setting, Financial Abundance, Gratitude, Meet your higher self , blessing the seven chakras.


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