Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing

Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing

Nestled in the hills of Kathmandu, Nepal , under the patronage of a Master teacher at the Kathmandu Center of healing is where I learnt the nuances of Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing.

Music radiated from the bowls as I gently hit the seven bowls creating vibrations that even had the pet dog relax in our midst. Admittedly I do have a little bit of a music gene in me, but I was apprehensive at first with the complexities of chords and technique. And then spirituality set in… sounds are created not by us, but from the energy around us, from that higher power and from the angelic army. I invoked the angel of music, Archangel Sandalphone, and since then my set of Tibetan Singing Bowls have helped heal many of my clients.

Tears, laughter, memories, all come to the surface to be washed away as chakras heal. The soothing sounds of the bowls will help you relax, heal and clear all those energies that are not for your highest good.

Book a 60 Minute session for a stunning Sound Healing!


Benefits of Sound Healing

A 60 minute Session

Sound Healing promotes

    • Relaxation
    • Unblocking of low lying energies
    • Stress Relief
    • Helps reduce anxiety
    • Activates inner guidance
    • Helps in minor sleep disorders
    • Helps reduce physical pains
    • Helps you to meditate
    • Creates a sense of harmony in your physical and mental being
    • Helps to balance the chakras

  • Mind and Body
  • Religion and Meditation
  • Meditation and Emotions
  • The power of Visualization Meditations
  • How to quieten our Monkey mind
  • Practice guided meditations-
  • Breathing, Body Scan, Love and Kindness Meditation, Gratitude, Mantra , Intention Setting, Financial Abundance, Gratitude, Meet your higher self , blessing the seven chakras.

Book a 60 minute Sound Healing Meditation

Immerse yourself in a deep sound healing session, guaranteed to relax, heal and help relive you of any stress. Surrender yourself to the experience as you take a step towards towards your mental, emotional and physical well being.

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